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Jacky Ligon - Seven Diamonds >
Flao YG - Kelt >
Tony Dubshot - Ancient Dub >
Carlo Serafini - Delta Gamma Blues >
Fature - Salamander >
knowsur - SUNERU >
Microdub - Live Wire >
skiks - empathic res >
Paragon - Coral Garden >
Fature - Butterfly Rapport >
Cameron Bobro - Vera, it's time you took your Romans on a holiday >

Welcome to split-notes, the netlabel exclusively for free and legal downloads of microtonal music. We are the first of our kind as we focus on catchy microtonal music - popular styles only... Call us the microtonal-with-a-beat record label! (Read more...)

We're accepting works for a new, microtonal compilation album! If you wish to get involved, please read the project brief.

Latest release

Sean but not Heard cover Sean Archibald - Sean but not Heard
Spacey xen album with odd-metered grooves.

Lavender Fields, Sniping for Wallies, 20 200 2000 20000
and 7 more tracks...


Music archive

Sean Archibald -
Sean but not Heard

SPNT011 (01/Jun/2012)
electronic, xen bass, experimental

Tony Dubshot - Weird Science
SPNT010 (23/Nov/2011)
dub, electronic, analog

skiks - compulse
SPNT009 (05/Oct/2011)
electroacoustic, drone, improvisation, electronic, experimental, techno

Fature - The Gathering EP
SPNT008 (27/Aug/2011)
drum and bass, experimental, xenharmonic

City of the Asleep - Transcendissonance
SPNT007 (02/Jul/2011)
glitch, post-rock, techno, lo-fi, experimental

Carlo Serafini - Gammatar
SPNT006 (06/Feb/2011)
electronic folk music, xenharmonic guitar songs

Sevish - Human Astronomy EP
SPNT005 (15/Nov/2010)
drum and bass, breakbeat, electronic, ambient

knowsur - NANA WODORI
SPNT004 (08/Sep/2010)
electronic, glitch, vocaloid, house, experimental, easy listening

VA - Crack My Pitch Up
SPNT003 (12/Jul/2010)
electronic, acoustic, bit of everything, xenharmonic compilation album

Tony Dubshot - Omega Dub
SPNT002 (10/Apr/2010)
electro dub, scientific dancehall, psychedelic, triphop

Sevish - Golden Hour
SPNT001 (04/Jan/2010)
drum and bass, breakbeat, electronic, glitch, hip hop, instrumental, dubstep