split-notes is a catalogue of music on the internet
which focuses on unusual intonation
and beats

Big Sway
High-energy electronic mind candy
Techno algorithm rhythms
Energetic beats meet ear-bending melodies
Xen On
Brain melting pop
Ancient Love
Cinematic fantasy jungle soundscape with deep electronic pulses and cosmic xenharmonic harmonies.
Twisted and strangely beautiful harmonic landscapes with memorable melodies
An odyssey of xenharmonic, xenrhythmic, postmodern EDM
Xenharmonic tuning systems within a rock and pop framework
3 Remixes
Xenharmonic tracks remixed.
Mouthfeel EP Deluxe
Mouthfeel EP Deluxe is modern microtonal music with beats and bass.
Melodic xenharmonic dance music inspired by roller disco.
An album of melodic xenharmonic dance music - the lovechild of a long term relationship with music software programming.
Reassuring Weight
A Microtonal journey through various facets of life within a rock context. Coloured by unique harmonies and chord progressions mixed with odd time signatures.
Seamlessly oscillates between microtonal pop for the masses and psychedelic avant-rock for the underground.
Neutral Paradise
A vivid and hallucinatory onslaught of xenharmonic pop, avant-rock, and modern electronica.
Exploratory electronica somewhere between ambient and avant garde.
Next Xen
A varied mix of microtonal music from 17 artists across the world
Sean but not Heard
Xenharmonic bass with weird time signatures
Weird Science
Imagine a weird Mad Professor tune, but with all the analog grit and dirt of a vintage King Tubby mix. Add xenharmonic herbs & spices et voila!
Quirky infectious hooks, fields of distortion, ambient soundscapes, and chamber music textures rub shoulders in an adventure with some surprising turns.
The Gathering EP
A record where enchanting, mysterious moods collide with frenetic and intense rhythm.
Complex tapestries of harmony and melody that are truly xenharmonic. An electronic gruel of stuttering glitch, melodic electronica, expansive post-rock, and thumping techno.
An album of deeply atmospheric and melodic electronic music by Carlo Serafini.
Human Astronomy EP
Alternate-universe harmonies and big scatterbrained beats.
Danceable J-Pop and house music that sounds like an explosion of colours.
Crack My Pitch Up
Various Artists - When you crack your pitches up smaller and smaller, you find many more musical options to compose with.
Omega Dub
In reggae the harmonies are always a bit like red, gold and green, very pure colors and basic harmonies. But if you change the harmonies in a microtonal way it might be like using terracotta red, khaki yellow and emerald green instead.
Golden Hour
Different styles of electronic music, beautiful atmospheres and beats.

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