Sean but not Heard by Sevish

…but not heard until now

Sean brings xenharmonic bass back home to split-notes. But leave your expectations at the door because this record is a whole different vibe from Sean’s previous work under the alias of Sevish. Here, spacious and ambient-influenced sounds fuse with odd-metered grooves and field recordings. On the electronics side, most of the album was produced under the limitation of just 2 synths and a bunch of drum machines.

A decidedly experimental trip through electronic dance music land, but from the words of Sean Archibald this is “the kind of record I thought about making for a long time – that is all.” Track list is as follows:

Sean but not Heard by Sean Archibald, reverse cover

High-resolution liner notes and cover artwork were included for those who love something to read while they listen.

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Sean but not Heard by Sevish

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