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I’m Scott. I reverse engineer electronics and do stuff with DSP. Occasionally I even publish things.


Music created me, so I create music. 📯


Rare electronic music.

Brendan Byrnes

Brendan Byrnes is a composer, mix engineer, and sound designer based in Los Angeles, CA.

Cameron Bobro

Composer and bass singer.

Carlo Serafini

Futurist composer.

Carlos Devizia

Carlos Devizia plays saxophone, synths and guitar but he uses anything as a possible sound source for his compositions like bass guitar, clarinet, computer software, found noises, field recordings.

City of the Asleep

Elaine Walker / ZIA

Elaine Walker is an electronic musician with a deep interest in visual math, physics, neuroscience, longevity, and the future of humanity on Earth and beyond.


FASTFAST is a brain melting experimental alt pop project from British Canadian TV and video game composer James Mulvale.
With sun drenched harmonies, vertigo inducing microtonal chord changes and heartfelt lyrics, FASTFAST will leave your feeling like you ate all the mushrooms with just a pair of headphones.


Fature likes to write many styles of electronic music and always tries to keep his music diverse. Also releases as Binarysweets.

Flao YG

Flao YG is an experimental group from Prague, Czech Republic.


Microtonal Psych-Pop. All songs are in the 22 EDO tuning system, using re-fretted and re-tuned instruments.

Mike Horick: drums
Lauren Davis: synths
Rusty Kennedy: bass
Brendan Byrnes: vocal & guitar

Jack Tickner

Microtonal Musician from Sydney, Australia.

Jacky Ligon

Multi-instrumentalist, composer, improviser, music software-developer, sound-designer, visual and video artist. Currently residing in the United States, Jacky has composed music for theater, film, video-art, as well as both solo and collaborative independent record releases in a broad range of musical styles.

John Moriarty

John Moriarty is a composer, vocalist, theorist, and educator with passion for alternative musical interfaces and alternative musical tuning systems.

Joseph Post

Software developer and musician.


“I love the European cultures in the interwar period about 100 years ago. I want to rediscover the many possibilities of those cultures by using the techniques and the sense of 2010s Japanese pop culture.
My activities about musical experiments may be watched at YouTube.
And I also write ordinary pop music.”

Kraig Grady

Composer, instrument builder and shadow theatre artist.


Microdub is a collaboration between Jurica Jelic and Tony Dubshot.


müesk / Steve Mueske

For 20 years müesk has been creating a distinctive blend of ambient, emotive, artistic electronic music. There is beauty, too, hard won. His music is the soundtrack for your imagination.


Ozan Yarman (Ph.D)


Paragon is an electronic musician and tunesmith who focuses on liquid rotating beats and uses microtonality to achieve dense but pleasing harmonies which would be impossible in 12-tone equal temperament.

Relyt R

Relyt R is the alter ego of Silicon Valley algorave artist R Tyler. Relyt R produces dystopian, microtonal techno and dance music using live-coding and custom machine learning methods.

Robin Perry

Scratchy Dubplate Crew

aka Tony Dubshot.


Maker of electronic music sometimes with odd rhythms. Founder of split-notes label. Former lead developer of Scale Workshop. Encourages that more musicians explore non-traditional tunings because it sounds cool.


“skiks” is an electronica project of composer/percussionist Bruce Hamilton.

Stephen Weigel

Xenharmonic composer-performer.

Tall Kite

Tony Dubshot

Tony Dubshot is a demented dub scientist from Leiden, the Lowlands. His sonic experimentation has been labelled electro dub, psychedelic dubstep, scientific dancehall and lowrider voodoo dub. All of these labels are correct.

Long before he locked himself up in his dub studio Tony was a founding member and selector of Runcome Sound System (Leiden, NL). In those days he created dancehall riddims but gradually his sound moved towards dub. Nowadays Dubshot productions are played by big sound systems all over the world.

Tony Dubshot runs the ISM dub studio and the DUBBHISM netlabel
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