Anagnorisis by Skueue

“Anagnorisis” is an album of melodic xenharmonic dance music

It’s written to convey emotions, give you energy, and to help you dissociate from mundane existence

This music is the lovechild of a long term relationship with music software programming

My human brain can only hold a limited amount of information

I could spend a lifetime learning music theory, and still only master one aspect, so after 10 years of trying just that, I decided that I needed help

Since then, I have taught my computer everything I can about music

This includes: how to identify and generate rhythms, how to use functional harmony concepts to write new music, and how to apply these concepts to microtonal pitch structures, I spent the last 6 years working on this

The result, is that I can spend 5 minutes telling the algorithms what sort of music I want to make today, 5 minutes tweaking the sounds and patterns to something I like, and the 10-20 minutes performing the music, This is a ritual I try to adhere to every day

I feel like the music is never truly mine and never exactly what I intended, but always better than something I could have written on my own

All of the tracks on this album were written and performed within 20-30 minutes using my custom built PureData patch, These 8 tracks were chosen from a pool of approximately 80 tracks

I don’t know if it makes more sense to say that it took me 200 minutes (25 minutes x 8 tracks) 2000 minutes (25 minutes x 80 tracks) or 6 years (Programming and creating generative data) to make this album, but if just one person gets something out of it, it’s time well spent

This Release was made especially for, whose music has changed my life for the better

Wonderful album artwork by Tina Douglas

© All Rights Reserved.

Anagnorisis by Skueue

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