Mouthfeel EP Deluxe by Binarysweets

A completely reworked and exclusive to Split-Notes version of an EP I crafted in March 2018 – ‘Mouthfeel EP Deluxe’ exhibits rich microtonal tunings, slicker beats and bass that will satisfy everyone’s appetite!

This version replaces the original EP.

All the tracks are written using a live coding synth called ‘Sonic Pi’ which I started experimenting with in early 2016 thus moving away from a traditional DAW. Using coding techniques expanded my possibilities, and mind.

These tracks are the result;


01 – Toneblerone (Dream Rework)
Slow microtonal piano riffs, bass and lo-fi breakbeats using a variation of the Bohlen–Pierce tuning.

02 – Come, Sine with Me (bathDUB Edit)
Quirky lo-fi dub – Gritty and saturated with a smooth groove. Tunings based off a Pythagorean edit.

03 – Ready for Breakfast (After 8 Rework)
Dark vibes and old-school atmospherics make up this rolling drum and bass stormer. # 5-Limit just intonation in a 12-tone representation.


All tracks written and produced by L.Bridge 2018 –

Mouthfeel EP Deluxe by Binarysweets

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