Eventual by müesk / Steve Mueske

An album of exploratory electronica somewhere between ambient and avant garde. A short collection of poems are included with the download.

High resolution version

A 24-bit/48kHz master of Eventual is available in FLAC format.
Download 24/48 version (zip)


  1. Mnemosyne (Fokker 12-tone 7-limit JI)
  2. Stumbling Through Light (17 edo)
  3. On Second Thought (16 edo)
  4. Same Time Tomorrow (12 edo, Standard)
  5. Death of a Dream (18 edo)
  6. Drawing Horses (12 edo, Standard)
  7. War Talk (Zeus 22)
  8. Entropy’s Song (26 ed3)
  9. The Story of No (15 edo)
Eventual by müesk / Steve Mueske

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