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Welcome to split-notes, the netlabel exclusively for free and legal downloads of microtonal music. We focus on catchy microtonal music - popular styles only... Call us the microtonal-with-a-beat record label! (Read more...)

Human Astronomy EP

Alternate-universe harmonies and big scatterbrained beats. Sevish’s last compositions in London; it is a ‘good bye, see you again soon’ release.


Danceable J-Pop and house music that sounds like an explosion of colours.

Crack My Pitch Up

Various Artists – When you crack your pitches up smaller and smaller, you find many more musical options to compose with.

Omega Dub

In reggae the harmonies are always a bit like red, gold and green, very pure colors and basic harmonies. But if you change the harmonies in a microtonal way it might be like using terracotta red, khaki yellow and emerald green instead.

Golden Hour

Look beyond Western tonality to find the new moods you can make with alternative tunings – microtones. Different styles of electronic music, beautiful atmospheres and beats.

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