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    Hello, I am a music theorist and I have a project regarding huge improvement over Equal Temperament. I have developed new algorithms that could offer better quality. The sound should be more smooth and pure in complex cords. The tension on human ear will be in history. I believe that you can implement most conceptions so I am providing my project.


    Short Summary:

    Basically the equal temperament can be presented with just intervals – 5/4 and 3/2. I mean 7 perfect fifths and 1 major third is the result of perfect 4th with insignificant error -0.00128 cents.

    I found some interesting ratios for testing purpose: 71/67 ; 151/80 ; 243/182 ; 267/200. Their multiplicative inverse should be tested as well.

    There are other topics about non-standard octave division and microtonal music – “72 Near Equal Temperament”, “19-Tone Just Intonation”, conception regarding 4-dimensional music.

    Kind Regards,
    Boris Andonov

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